Engineering Services ACES inc Ground Service Repair Equipment

Airbase Certification and Engineering Services, Inc., DAO# 16-Q-01 (ACES INC.) allows Airbase to offer options to its customers. We have the internal ability to engineer PDA or alternatively certified parts / repair processes via owner operator or FAR 21.303.b.ii. We then have the option to develop the in-house manufacturing capability or contract the manufacturing to the preferred supplier (based on cost, quality, and delivery). This mitigates the dependency on a single manufacturer who would ultimately control the pricing structure and availability. Secondly, using our detailed tracking data, internal experience and customer input, we can identify problem areas and offer engineering product improvement solutions.

Combined with our Product development services, Les Services Airbase inc. / Airbase services inc. will work with you to conceptualize, design, prototype, fabricate and certify the installation of items typically not found in the industry.

The scope of work of ACES Inc., DAO – Design Approval Organization – A delegated company A DAR or DAO should be a value added service that supplements a maintenance or manufacturing organization. Consider a DAR or DAO as an engineering department on demand. Any individual may obtain an aeronautical product design change approval directly from Transport Canada. However, obtaining the same approval though a DAR or DAO offers the following benefits:

  • Speed of approval issuance. Transport Canada’s mandate is clearly to have private sector perform this service. A clear concise design change package defining the design change modification. Often the operator knows exactly the design change they wish and exactly how to do it. Unfortunately on many occasions the certification and documentation part of the modification becomes a challenge to the airline. ACES will take over the task and provide statements of compliance to TCCA.

This includes the following technical data elements in support of findings of compliance to the delegated standards of airworthiness:

  • Engineering reports
  • Engineering drawings
  • Configuration drawings and instructions / Drawing lists
  • Instructions for Continuing airworthiness (except any airworthiness limitations)

Issuance of RDA and STC serialized approval documents in accordance with Part V – Subpart 21. ACES Inc., will be in a position to issue STC’s, RDA’s and PDA’s for aircraft interiors component or systems. (New, Modification and Installation) Focusing on Cabin interior furnishings including:

  • Seat covers, cushions, curtains, carpets and related material
  • Aircraft cabin sidewalls and related material and processes such as bonding, painting, sealing, and laminating – Cabin Divider, partitions, and cabinets.
  • Interior cabin layouts and configurations (LOPA)
  • Interior cabin markings, signs, and placards
  • Passenger seats and related systems and equipment
  • In-flight passenger service equipment such as trolley carts and carriers
  • Galleys, Lavatories, and related equipment and systems
  • Cabin insulation / Cabin overhead stowage
  • Flight Attendant and crew seats
  • In-flight Entertainment Systems (limited to in-seat IFE system installation/provisions)
  • Wiring (related to galley insert equipment and passengers seat)
  • Galley insert equipment such as coffee makers, water warmers, wine chillers, fridge, convection ovens, espresso machine, water boilers, beverage makers, steam ovens, toasters, microwave ovens, hot cups, trash compactors
  • Passenger lighting systems
  • Passenger service systems
  • Passenger emergency escape lighting
  • Seat actuation systems
  • Seat control system (DPCU / PCU)
  • New Product Development and Design


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