Ground Service Equipment Maintenance

As Airbase Services Inc. keeps growing, our experience in the aviation community has continued to provide accurate and immediate solutions to fit all aircraft missions safely and cost effectively. Our technicians have been trained to repair and overhaul aircraft instrumentation and equipment.

Airbase Services Inc.  also offers comprehensive Ground Support Equipment (GSE) services to aviation operations by offering maintenance, refurbishment, repairs and spare parts to our customers.

Poorly maintained and improperly used equipment can have costly or even disastrous consequences, a good mechanical maintenance program is a priority to ensure safety of personnel and prevent damage to the equipment and ensure that the aircraft gets back in the sky as fast as possible.

  • Luggage dollies – Dollies have built-in rollers or balls bearings on the deck to assist in the moving of containers or pallets.
  • Revolving platform – Some dollies have a revolving platform to facilitate rotating the ULDs to the correct orientation before transferring them onto a cargo conveyor belt or ULD/pallet lift leading to the aircraft bay.
  • Cookie sheets rollers
  • ULD’s – Unit Load Devices

Our services:

  • Repair and assembly of all lower and upper deck ULD’s
  • Net and curtain repairs
  • Specialist in repairs of refrigerated control units
  • 3 Large workshops across Canada with qualified, highly skilled and experienced workforce
  • Storage space for serviceable respectively repaired or assembled equipment
  • Pallet straitening and alignment bench
  • Automated order, production and materials management system with detailed summary of services and costs.
  • Air side trucks for pickups and deliveries to your desired location, for your convenience


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