We strive to exceed our customer expectations through a culture of doing things right the first time and to not reward ourselves for mistakes. Compliance with appropriate regulations is fundamental to the Company’s operations and existence. Airbase is approved by Transport Canada. The Company has an excellent record of compliance and conducts extensive internal audits to ensure that record continues into the future.

In addition, the Company is subject to a variety of airline and OEM audits and assessments. Again, the company has a strong record of approvals and passing grades on these audits.

By working with external, as well as internal, suppliers and customers, requirements are established as measurement criteria. Les Services Airbase Inc. /Airbase Services, Inc., Quality Assurance policy is a value driven document that expresses Airbase’s commitment to customer satisfaction through its commitment to quality and continuous system improvements. As such, we hold airworthiness standards close to all our activities. Safety in the air begins on the ground with attention to workplace safety, the use of proper materials and supplies, security, a disciplined approach to data collection and records, and a management emphasis on our responsibilities to the flying public.

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